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Here to help you find the best benefit solutions for your organization. Our customers save on average 30-40% and improve their benefits.

Our Approach to Benefits

Using Technology to Manage Increasing Cost

As the cost of healthcare increases, more and more businesses are challenged to balance that increasing cost and the value they receive. 
By using cutting-edge technology, we are able to gain valuable insight into new ways to control cost. 

Focus on Education and Employee Engagement

With our team of experienced benefit counselors, we make sure that every employee understands the options available in order to maximize the value they receive from their employer's benefits program. 

Benefit Programs

We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of any size business or budget. 

RH+ Approach

Making the best use of new technology and existing ACA  healthcare and compliance guidelines, this approach is often the ideal choice for most groups.

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Voluntary Benefits

The best way for any company to enhance their benefit program with minimal impact to their bottom line. Through our trusted partner Colonial Life

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Employee Wellness Programs

Keep your employees happy, healthy, and on the job. By providing access to wellness programs, employees can take better control of their everyday health habits. 

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